The Passenger

by Neck of the Woods

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Arrogant Bastard
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Arrogant Bastard Black Metal, Metalcore, Death Metal and Progressive Metal walk into a bar. There's no punchline in these Neck of the Woods, just killer metal.
The Passenger is a thoroughly exciting amalgam of metal and reminds of 2018's Eldritch Realm by Parius. (it's a good thing!) Favorite track: You'll Always Look the Same to Me.
333Halfevil thumbnail
333Halfevil not only a great album cover but a truly great album too! Favorite track: You'll Always Look the Same to Me.
kimzi_ziceta thumbnail
kimzi_ziceta This entire release is fantastic. Well produced, technically clean and emotionally what you want from a Black Metal album. This release will not disappoint and I believe metal and prog fans alike will dig on this creative and talented band. Favorite track: Face Of The Villain.
Cail Judy
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Cail Judy An absolute face-melter of a record. Favorite track: Before I Rest.
David McLane
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David McLane amazing canadian musc. this is what its all about. young, fierce, talented. ive caught these guys several times live, and i have to say they are a live band. cant wait for armstrong metal fest. you guys rock my socks. lots of love and respect. Favorite track: You'll Always Look the Same to Me.
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snoopdoogie AMAZING album boys!!! Now get working on the next one!
;) Favorite track: You'll Always Look the Same to Me.
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released September 15, 2017

Recorded at RainCityRecorders by Stu Mckillop
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audioseige. Produced by Stu McKillop and Neck Of The Woods. All music written and performed by Neck Of The Woods.


all rights reserved



Neck of the Woods Vancouver, British Columbia

"Neck of the Woods have honed a technical, multi-genre approach to metal that sounds like the product of Devin Townsend working with Converge. Ripping, serpentine riffs and brash breakdowns make it impossible for Neck of the Woods to lose your attention." - Sled Island Music & Arts Fest

Dave Carr - Guitar
Travis Hein - Guitar
Jeremy Gilmartin - Drums
Jordan Kemp - Bass
Jeff Radomsky - Vocals
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Track Name: Bottom Feeder
Break from the circle, search for the sun. Wade knee deep through discontent waters fed by the rivers of self indulgence and greed. Fade into me.
As the opia fades my face mirrored in yours once at arms length now at home in my bones. Grow more tepid and desperate every day, nostalgia fails, only resentment remains.
The weight of familiarity breaks me, I’d sooner take my chance with wolves.
Selfish by definition though I’ve never done a thing for myself.
Bottom feeder, I am the cloak and dagger, the smoke that clouds your mirrors spews from my mouth.
Break from the circle, search for the sunlight.
Track Name: Nailbiter
Peel the blinds away from the skin.
Strangers and false friends feed the addiction caught up in comments and useless opinions.
No one’s heart is lined with gold.
With skin in the game I speak like I'm different, two faced and tired of hearing the victims.
Bite the nails while skin wears thin.
Crop out the sadness, the sorrow, the grief, hide the discomfort and sell the sweet.
Flashing lights keep me from myself.
Never at fault, quick accuse, red herring sideshow ties the noose.
Smile like the rest, take these pills reset.

I've been waiting for the day for someone to tell me it's ok to bleed to tear to break, at night I lie awake.

Smile like rest long removed, smile like the rest and fill the room, smile like the rest play the part smile like the rest cold at heart.
Satisfaction becomes the death, of all my desires, desperate to show whats gold, at night I lie.
Track Name: White Coats
Hope held with white coats fades as the days pass, correct course does not exist in this.
We were raised to trust in the all knowing, she has been stamped with their numbers.
Take some new pills and see what happens, each trial may worsen the condition.
Now with nothing left for her to lean on her confidence departs.
Haunted knowing I can do nothing to change her future, her bleak future.
I can’t sleep knowing she’s trapped in her damaged skin with no one devoted to heal a life flooded with pain.

I know why you’re doubtful, your judgement is fair. These trials and errors, can provoke despair.
There is more than one answer, to your unending ache, the white coats are trying, we all make mistakes.

There is more hope than you can see now.
Track Name: You'll Always Look the Same to Me
She's home but can't find her heart, she cries in fear of the loss of her art.
I've heard the thoughts and well-wishes, keep the hopes and prayers. Hundreds of strangers come forward, I stand skeptic of these heartfelt affairs. She burns while the bedside flowers wilt, she bleeds as the backs slowly turn. Some people fade faster than they grow, my branches will hold you until your last note. You’ll always look the same.
While Distorted by disease people tend to flee, you’ll always look the same to me. You’re more than a patient, a person not a stat, you stand far from
average we’ve always known that. It may seem discouraging to see others go, they’re not bad people they just fear the road. It will take time to let this sink in, I will stand beside you while things look thin.
The ache will not out last your stride, the wound can not dissuade your fight.
This misery, hardship and grief is not yours alone, life involves pain, you have not been singled out. The good life is not one immune to agony, suffering contributes, you are stronger now. You will not fade faster than you grow, my branches will hold you until your last note.
Track Name: Face Of The Villain
His accusations are as crooked as the promises he’s made us, he speaks as if he know us, his words cutting with conviction.
Mistaken portrayal of us, this wind is not to be trusted.
A salesman seeking a shortcut to fame guided by a cracked moral compass.
The selfish choice is always quick to be drawn, his firing line lands on us all.
Broken mirror echoes the hindsight we need,parasite buried deep in the skin.
Change the position, avoid the face of the villain.
I can’t believe we let this knife sink as deep as it has. Constantly tormented by the mistake we have made. Waste away.
An inescapable feeling, that drags me through the mud, constantly tormented by the mistake we have made. Fear the change soon to come.
Change the position, avoid the face of the villain.
It won’t take long to see he’ll live with abandon until he sinks.
Now with new legs we stand on our own.
Track Name: Foothills
No warning given to those at rest, fear possesses every moment of my days. Dread takes every inch of my heart as I wait for you to breath.
Time passed far too quickly how can we go back to where we were.
I have begged for a way to take this from you, I would give anything to take your place.

As children we grew, becoming one in same, you’ve raised me to be the man that I am today, I owe everything I've done to your influence and your grace. Perspective has been lent to all of my wasted days. Despite our differences, my distance I've believed in you all along, it haunts me to know you needed me when I was gone. As hours turn to days this waiting room stays the same, while your struggle grows deeper to keep her out of your brain.

I will stand here, till you stand with me.
We will stand here, till you stand with us.

Don’t lay down, don’t give up.
Esmeralda will soon fall from your crown.
Take your life back for it is what you deserve.
Track Name: Before I Rest
We’ve brushed past each other so many times, I long to see your face, to greet you at my door. I fear this hourglass will double in pace, bound to production, race to my grave. Building engines to speed up life’s process, failure has me lost, seeking my end. Now that we’ve been in the same room for weeks, my worms begin to ache, begging for my bones.

I’ve seen this hourglass as it doubles in pace, forced by obsession, race to my grave.I feel this hourglass as it fades my face, torn by seduction, race to my grave.Why must I race? Why must I. What I've done has vanished while my forthcoming loses meaning, as colour fades from skin my focus shifts, I realize that it’s finally time to let go, breath slow, grow old, die alone. Wake me with every breath, feed me before I rest.

I’ve seen the hourglass as it changes in pace, delay my chase my grave can wait.