Neck of the Woods

by Neck of the Woods

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The debut EP for Vancouver's Neck Of The Woods.


released May 22, 2015

Recorded at RainCityRecorders by Stu Mckillop & Mark McKitrick. Mastered by Brad Boatright. Produced by Neck Of The Woods. All music written and performed by Neck Of The Woods.



all rights reserved


Neck of the Woods Vancouver, British Columbia

“Complex, confrontational and unflinchingly heavy, Neck of the Woods are the most exciting progressive metal band to emerge from Vancouver, BC’s underground scene in a generation.” -Robert Collins, Music Correspondent, CTV Vancouver

Dave Carr - Guitar
Travis Hein - Guitar
Jeremy Gilmartin - Drums
Jordan Kemp - Bass
Jeff Radomsky - Vocals
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Track Name: Disavow
Trading traps, hands bound, feet in the dirt. Her blade runs dull, crippled by consequence, hanging by hooks in her chest, breathing slow for self defence. Losing colour, saving face, looking backwards, nothing left, dead space

Cinderblocks sink her body
She’s diverse in all her despair
Her linear lines live no longer
Her idea of youth slowly decays

Never be wrong again, I can’t fail
I’ll lend my mask to her, she needs this friend
Never be wrong again, I can’t feel
Never be wrong again, she said

Stand by my side one last time
Stand by my side one last time
His heart will not beat for you again, find new love
She holds this until it sinks, find new love.
I can see nothing of her now.
Track Name: Left Behind
You force feed the fire, bleed out the stoke.
The opportunist finds his way through the crowd, seeking someone that can push him forward. Thinking only for himself he lies through his teeth, posing as the best deep inside he hides.

You will be left behind for your ignorance and lies.

Burning every bridge in sight while never thinking twice, breaking every promise made to gain your fame, to gain your fame. I should have known.
You, you should know better than this by now so grow up.

You will be left behind for your ignorance and lies, I cant wait to see the day this comes crashing down on you.
Track Name: Trap Door
I know this blindfold, knife twists at the thought, time sprints faster than me, death remains reigning champ this draws a line, you look but I stare, I know the blindfold is coming, I know its there. Plead ignorance My shadow, of doubt grows taller than the man I’ve tried to be crippling me.
Crutches and ladders, ropes and snakes, a broken wing, a bone to break

Bleeding hearts, never go, very far, learn to burn.
Wasting my time, same old excuse, falling behind.
trap door opens, I seek light in my golden cage
blinded by choices, others have made

Step back, from what you thought you loved, you were wrong again.
Making only two steps, before I fall anew, I was wrong again
I know not what I need, I just can’t feel this, I was wrong again.
I feel no true calling, I earn what I make.

I stand by crippled, and distorted men.
More desultory, I know I’ve made a mistake.
I stand by crippled, and distorted men.

Never be found I hope I’ll never be found
Track Name: I Know Where I'll Bury You
I have found a new way to separate myself from you, a figure, my form, a brand new mask never worn before. Tracing these lines back to plans I’ve left unfulfilled, I know it was you who saw through me so I cut you out of my daily dance, I’ll sink below into my fox hole to find new skin. Run, now run.

Bleeding all of this love like a chimney spewing smoke, tooth marked bones below me, I find my dignity in decay. The bark bleeds, as my, skin peels back again, I never learned to feel, born and bred heartless my arms reach further than the plague. I will walk between the walls and hide.

I owe it to her to be a better man than the boy I’ve always been, I was wrong as I often am, I’ve learned I’ve grown, but I know I can’t change. Haunted by my every step, my foot prints fade from black to grey, stone, my hollow bones, I know where I’ll bury you.
Track Name: Torch
Growing but 10 years apart, head held down, these are the traps I have laid for myself can you please help me leave. I am not the only one stunting my growth but theres no excuses now, I need to make this my change, make a change, I’ll filter my hour glass, I’ll sift through the sand.

Now see through new eyes and leave your ties behind. You’ve always burned so much brighter than the rest a head so clear, I owe this all to your help, to your help.Follow the breadcrumbs, your footprints lay here before me, my influence changes, my heart is drained and refilled just in time for this.

Ride side by side, blazing past all of the fakes, the rats and the snakes, ride by my side we’ll leave this empty place. Watch my back, now hold this torch here for me, I’ll watch yours, don’t worry my friend I’ll always have your back.
Track Name: Two Smokes
Pulled from the bench, in a time of need, your last choice, and your first mistake. No fault to your fractures, no change, your crew will abandon, your foots in your grave. How did you manage to crawl this far with only stumps for legs and arms?

Now on the shoulders of the giants who built, your site grows while your horizons fade. No fault to your fractures, no change, your crew has abandon, your foots in your grave.

Now the time of judgement has come for you, like fresh meat to the wolf pack, this time we will feed. as walls cave in back hand a promotion, good luck saving this. Why would we wait through weeks of selfishness.

You are not greater, than the king before
Wear the stolen crown, king for the work week
Your lasting impression reads failure at best
Your seeds have been sewn, your failure it grows.